Are you looking for guidance upon your spiritual journey? How to begin? Feeling stagnant on your path? Or seek clarity and understanding on topics you often hear about. How to - move forward from stagnation points - Shadow Work - Self Heal - Meditations - twin flames/soulmates - manifestations - understanding & working with timelines etc. How to work on self empowerment, working through lack of self belief and activating the remembrance of the divine beauties that lay within you? Then this 60 minutes session is the one for you. 


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My awakening journey has been one of the most empowering phases of my lifetime. As a child learning to walk, so did I. Remembering myself, soul fractal by fractal, sometimes slowly, other times fast but always divinely organically flowing at the pace meant to be. Going through the process of realization - I started self healing. Deprogramming. Un-plugging from the matrix. Shadow work. Transformational energetic rebirths etc. It has been a fulfilling expansive experience divinely guided by my beautiful Angelic Higher Self, guided by Source. 

Along with my own experience I have been blessed with having worked with  700 beautiful clients in the past few years. These healing and akashic reading sessions have activated me further for my role in aiding others. I am delighted to now introduce ‘Spiritual Consultation and Mentoring Sessions’. This session will entail a 60 minutes recorded one on one online meeting where you can seek guidance related to your spiritual path, expansion, stagnation, healing, shadow work, meditations, the matrix, twin flames/soulmates etc. 

This offering has been divinely guided by Angels through suggestions made by some of our beautiful clients. This is a self empowering session with an open and honest discussion on the topics you seek guidance upon. Helping you remember and tap into the divine within you. The knowing that you are a Creator being and the key to your life's experiences is in your hands, or heart shall we say! 

As with all A.A.H.H.sessions the sacred healing space, the healings and the practitioner are duly shielded and protected from start to finish by Source/Archangels and Source shields.


The session will be for 60 minutes and recorded on Zoom.

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