About Meenakshi


Having gone on and off on the spiritual discovery path since my early twenties, I had kindled my curiosity in the metaphysical world and what lies beyond our 3rd dimensional planet. It wasn’t time yet! I moved on, living my life, holding securely within my heart, my passion for this path.

Due to some beautiful synchronicities in my life I was back to following my heart in 2017; strong and steady. An enlightening spiritual journey began! 

As I got closer to my angelic spiritual guides, I was shown my past lives and future timelines, unfolding before me during meditations and dream time. One day at a time they made bite size revelations for my soul’s growth, to empower me for the journey I was to take on.

In support of my path, my galactic soul family, my spiritual gifts and soul purpose were revealed to me. As Earth continues it’s Ascension journey to New Earth, I’m here to play my role in aiding the transition in being the bridge for healings and activations.

I use my gifts and abilities of Telepathy, Quantum Channeling and clairs to communicate with the Divine Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Being a compassionate 'heart-centered' healer my goal is not only to facilitate your healing but most importantly to empower you. We are creator beings and the control of our mind body and soul lies within us!


With the aid of our divine Source, Archangels and Ascended Masters, Meenakshi founded Angelic Alchemy Holistic Healings ® May 2023. The purpose and focus of these sessions is to work in service to others in anchoring Source Love-Light onto Mother Earth and aiding in the healing, expansion and Ascension of Gaia and her beloved children. We are blessed with the aid of Source in the flow of the session from start to end continuing all the way to the self healing the client desires post sessions. Sacred geometry and shields by Source and the Archangels/Ascended Masters, the divine elements and benevolent elemental beings abound these sessions lovingly aiding souls self heal organically into their purest soul’s blue prints. Thus remembering who they are and lighting up the path for themselves and others around them. 

Having worked with close to 700 clients / 1700 hours+ since 2018 practicing various healing modalities I certified in, the hands-on experience of coming across many factors of infringements/inversions and traumas have been identified and their self healing methods established. Source, The Archangels and Ascended masters have been Meenakshi’s guide since beyond the veil. They have continued to guide her journey in self healing herself and being the healer, activator and anchor point of Source Love-Light for her clients as they self heal themselves. 

These sessions address a wide range of healing needs, listed here but not limited to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) - Archons, robots, transformers, clones, implants, hooks, wires, portals, inverted holograms, negative aliens races, earthbound entities, contracts, karmic bond cycles and patterns, traumas including PTSD, mind body and soul alignment. Black magic sorcery, curses, spells. Diseases and disorders including Cancer. DNA cleanse and activations by the client’s Higher Self and anything else that is unique to the client. 

This is an ever evolving journey of remembrance. The client and the practitioner both learning from the ultimate infinity of teachers - Source, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Client’s divine Higher Selves. To the expansion of our ever evolving soul and consciousness, into the ultimate union with our sacred home - our Source; up and beyond we rise!

With the blessed aid of the Divine and love of beautiful clients Meenakshi is also offering one on one spiritual mentoring sessions!

I am infinitely grateful for each and every soul that crossed my path without whom I wouldn’t be who I am!

Heart full of love, soul full of gratitude.


Meenakshi (Mini)

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