Property healing AAHH Reiki Session Description:

Our property, land and water we are on are our sacred temples and as important to be protected, cleansed and activated as our own selves. During this profound property cleansing routine Angelic Alchemy Meenakshi would use her spiritual gifts to remotely connect with the energy of the property and cleanse the property, outdoor spaces, garages, vehicles and any other important related areas. The property cleansing starts with a full crystal singing bowls sound bath for the property.

Using her gifts of telepathy and Clairs as well as divine sacred symbols the property would be cleansed of entities, implants, hooks, portals, dark or dense energies, residual energies of previous occupants and also of anything that transpired there that was not of the highest Source Love-Light. This brings in a beautiful wave of pure Source Love-Light onto the property and the inhabitants feel the divine shift instantly. 

Post sessions Meenakshi shares a synopsis of findings as well as answers any questions you might have related to the property healing. Meenakshi loves to guide the home residents of ways to keep their home sacred at all times, thus empowering them with self healing and maintaining balance upon the lands. 

What is required of the client?

(1) To be present at the said property on the day of the healing.

(2) ZOOM App access, here's the link to download.

(3) A neat hand drawn blueprint of the property layout, all floors, driveways, yards, garage etc with cabinets, washrooms, doors and windows marked out.

(4) Sage or Palo Santo (or both) and candles in gold, white, blue or purple, green, yellow for the day of the healing.

(5) List of healing needs identified emailed or same day of healing.

(6) All other details will be shared upon booking.

As with all A.A.H.H. sessions the sacred healing space, the healings and the practitioner are duly shielded and protected from start to finish by Source/Archangels and Source shields.


This healing takes between 60 mins to 90 mins and will be fully recorded on ZOOM.

* Please note: Reviews before April 30, 2023 are from the previous modality *

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When picking your date and time the calendar will adjust to your time zone. Please check the Booking details for important details before choosing a date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very in-depth cleansing of the home

I usually cleanse my home once a week on my own. However, it was brought to my attention that I should have a Reiki Healing on the home. I am so glad I did this remote cleansing and healing of my land. So much was brought up to heal and to be cleansed away. All of us felt so much different after the session was over. I love how I have a recording to keep, too, so when I cleanse the home, I can replay it as if Mini was here assisting me with the AA. I am so grateful for this session; I know my animals are too.

Infinite Love!

Saved My Life!

I've done 3 property clearings with Mini and each have been life changing. In one instance a doorway had opened on my property to the Underworld and every single person and animal in my house could feel it. Even my dog was shaking all night when she saw the dark beings. I was distraught because they were harassing us all night long every night. Mini not only saw the issue (when another healer could not), but also easily healed the issue and went above and beyond to assist soul fractures from myself and family caught in that dimension. It was a HUGE learning experience that also expanded my consciousness of these lower dimensions. She recently helped heal another series of attacks that were being waged against me and my property, and again went above and beyond in the clearing. I don't know where I'd be within Mini's assistance and mastery of energy healing. I'm grateful everyday for her. ❤️🙏

Grateful for Mini and the gift that she is

I moved into a new space recently. To assist with my transition to my new home, my sister gifted me a property clearing session with Mini ( I had gifted my sister a property healing session before and it had greatly impacted my sister and her family positively).

After the session, I felt so much spaciousness and safety and hope. It is always a honor and a gift to be in the presence of Mini and to learn from her. I feel so grateful to have worked with her, to be living in a cleared home now, and to know that she exists on the planet now. Thank you Mother-Father-God

Jimmy W.
Property/Land Cleansing and Healing RAAH (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing)“A Breath Of Fresh Air!!!”

Property/Land Cleansing and Healing RAAH (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing)“A Breath Of Fresh Air!!!” “I recently had Mini do a Home RAAH Clearing service for me. It was a wonderful experience. Mini was quick to respond to any and all questions I had leading up to the day of service. And on the day of service, she took the time to explain all that I needed to do and what she will be doing on her end (since it was via long distance, remote cleaning) before it began. We had an after service meeting right after the Home RAAH Clearing was completed, where she went over what was found and what I needed to do to help keep our home in good vibration. We felt as if a Breath of Fresh Air was swept through the house. Thank you, Mini!”

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