Have you ever wondered about the beauties of your soul? The reasons for specific patterns repeating in your life? Why you’re so passionate about certain qualities and subjects while certainly steering clear of others. Where your phobias are rooted? The reason behind illnesses, disorders and imbalances within? What happens to souls as they pass away? Why are you so attracted to and comfortable with some people and absolutely keep away from certain others?

Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be here on Earth for a larger purpose than you have identified within the role you play? Meenakshi’s young teenage mind was curious about these topics and her heart wanted to not only find answers but also be able to aid others in doing so.

Angelic Alchemy Hypnosis Quantum Regression sessions are aimed at aiding souls to remember the expansive beauties and infinite potential of their being and align to their highest most benevolent organic paths and timelines. Having worked with clients doing past life regressions since 2018 with another modality covering 1100+ hours of Past Life Regression sessions alone, Meenakshi further honed her skills and knowledge by undergoing a Diploma in Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression in 2023. Source, the Archangels and Ascended Masters have been Meenakshi’s guide since beyond the veil and have guided and trained her for every unique healing situation that has come up that she wasn’t aware of. Along with self healing, inner work, extensive meditations and constantly respecting her student essence has aided her to remember and learn lessons and wisdom from our divine Galactics. We are all able to do so, as they are our ultimate teachers. 

The foundation of this healing session like the others on site is infinite Source Love-Light and guidance. All sessions, clients and healing spaces are surrounded in Source protection. Sacred alchemy is used to anchor purity and integrity. Source and Divine beings such as the Archangels and Ascended Masters of our Universe aid throughout from start to finish. 

We perform Angelic Alchemy Reiki prior to the induction into past life, and additionally a detailed body scan is performed during the session. Some examples of what can be healed are breaking inverted patterns, clearing and healing: traumas, abuses, phobias, addictions, illnesses, disorders, hormones, recurring aches and pains. This list is not comprehensive as there are as many unique healing needs as there are souls. We cover entity removals of all types and attachments of any kind that are not the client’s organic soul’s essence are removed as well.

The Higher Self and Angelics aid in answering questions you might have from your Akashic or everyday life situations. In all of this experience remembering always that within our creation, our Universe all are equals and all have the ability to self heal. 

Questions and healings for your children and pet fur babies are always welcome within this session. With the permission of the Higher Selves, healings are possible to whatever they permit without overstepping boundaries of their organic experiences. 

Whether this is your 1st session or you’ve had multiples know that you will be aided lovingly and patiently on your journey and supported in the after care as well. You are welcome to check in post session about your experiences, questions, understanding needs or concerns. If it’s extensive, an Akashic reading or Spiritual mentoring aids well and is recommended, otherwise emails are lovingly welcomed. 

If you have any questions prior to booking this session feel free to email us at [AngelicAlchemy1111@gmail.com] and we’ll be happy to respond. 

This session is for 5+ hours and is recorded via ZOOM. We have a detailed pre session and recap post session discussion. 


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