The Akashic records are a hall/library of sacred records of all that has transpired within Creation. For every single soul birthed within our Universe. Every life led, every action taken, every decision, every thought - thought is recorded and sacredly maintained within the Akashic Hall of Records. With the aid of the gatekeeper of the records, the Archangels and the use of sacred alchemy and shields Meenakshi brings forth powerful messages that are ready to be shared by your Higher Self.

(* Parents, for children under 14 please email me for a 13% discount code - this discount will be valid forever!)

If you are not ready for a past life regression yet but curious about the origins of your soul or after a session want to find more as you evolve then this is a session that will aid your journey. We discuss soul’s origins, Higher Self, your Dragons (if needed), elemental beings around you, animals totems and more. We go through your spiritual archetype (your key Galactic role and strengths) and also sometimes tap into other Galactic you’s in the Universe in higher dimensions and see if they have messages, crystals or activation memories for you. Past lives from Earth can also be tapped into for healing and activations. Your list of questions about 7-10 generally are answered along with the rest of what is shared. 

This is a very empowering and activating session and aids in remembering who you are and sets the foundation for your self healing, further self expansion and remembrance. It is also important to be aware that it is you that holds the key to your Akashic record and no one within Creation is allowed to access your sacred records without permission from you. The Akashic hall of records are sacredly protected by the Divine.

As with all A.A.H.H. sessions the sacred healing space, the healings and the practitioner are duly shielded and protected from start to finish by Source/Archangels and Source shields.

This session is for 60 minutes and is recorded via ZOOM. 

* Please note: Reviews before April 30, 2023 are from the previous modality *

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