EMAIL - How to Prepare For Your Healing Session!

Greetings beautiful soul,

My infinite gratitude for you following your heart to this healing session and me. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this sacred journey you’re taking for your divine soul.

It is highly recommended one starts shielding as soon as they book a session to ensure protection against any infringements that might want to creep in during the preparation time.

To read ‘WAYS TO PREPARE’ for your session click on the link below. It is imperative that you set yourself up for the highest benevolent outcome for your session, knowing that all healings are self healing.

There are 6 services listed please click on the one you booked to prepare. 

(1) [A.A.H.H. Past Life Regression]

(2) [A.A.H.H. Reiki - (Adults/Children/Fur Babies)]

(3) [A.A.H.H. Property Reiki Session]

(4) [A.A.H.H. Quantum Akashic Reading]

(5) [A.A.H.H. [COMBINATION] Quantum Akashic Reading + Reiki Healing]

(6) [A.A.H.H. Spiritual Consultation & Mentoring (One on One Session)]


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at []


I look forward to meeting you and holding space for your sacred journey, with infinite Source Love-Light.


Infinite love and gratitude,

Angelic Alchemy Meenakshi 🤍

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