This session is perfect for clients who are not ready for a past life regression yet or for those that feel the need for a tune up before or after a past life regression session. We start with the AAHH Reiki and follow up with an Akashic reading. This session is for 2 hours, 60 minutes for each session. 

A.A.H.H. Quantum Akashic Reading

(* Parents, for children under 14 please email me for a 13% discount code - this discount will be valid forever!)

The Akasha are a hall/library of sacred records of all that has transpired within Creation. For every single soul birthed within our Universe. Every life led, every action taken, every decision, every thought - thought is recorded and sacredly maintained within the Akashic Hall of Records. With the aid of the gatekeeper of the records, the Archangels and the use of sacred alchemy and shields Meenakshi brings forth powerful messages that are ready to be shared by your Higher Self.

If you are not ready for a past life regression yet but curious about the origins of your soul or after a session want to find more as you evolve then this is a session that will aid your journey. We discuss soul’s origins, Higher Self, your Dragons (if needed), elemental beings around you, animals totems and more. We go through your spiritual archetype (your key Galactic role and strengths) and also sometimes tap into other Galactic you’s in the Universe in higher dimensions and see if they have messages, crystals or activation memories for you. Past lives from Earth can also be tapped into for healing and activations. Your list of questions about 7-10 generally are answered along with the rest of what is shared. 

This is a very empowering and activating session and aids in remembering who you are and sets the foundation for your self healing, further self expansion and remembrance. It is also important to be aware that it is you that holds the key to your Akashic record and no one within Creation is allowed to access your sacred records without permission from you. The Akashic hall of records are sacredly protected by the Divine.


As with all A.A.H.H. the clients, sacred healing space, the healings and the practitioner are duly shielded and protected from start to finish by Source/Archangels and Source shields.


This session is for 60 minutes and is recorded via ZOOM. 


A.A.H.H. Reiki Session

(* Parents, for children under 14 please email me for a 13% discount code - this discount will be valid forever!)

In the AAHH Reiki session we will have an introduction meeting to discuss your highlighted healing needs and other matters of concern. Followed by a full sound bath. Meenakshi will use divine sacred symbols, Source energy and Sacred Source fire to cleanse and heal all that is now ready to be released by the client, as decided by their Higher Self. A detailed body scan is performed by Meenakshi telepathically using all her gifts along with the Archangels & Source. 

These sessions address a wide range of healing needs, including attachments of all kinds. Healing traumas including PTSD, mind body and soul alignment. Diseases and disorders. Misalignment of any kind causing imbalances, the list is infinite as each client and their healing needs are unique in their own ways.

All of the above will be scanned for and as we move through layers the Higher Selves and Angels are always bringing up new healing needs and areas as we are ready. The client would then be cleansed and activated with the flow of Source Chi/Love Light. The session is wrapped up with a discussion of findings and important notes made during the sessions. There are lots of surprises here, past life messages, Dragons with messages and guides or crystals presenting themselves. All such messages are shared and a synopsis of the healing that transpired. Chakra by chakra, in detail. 


This session will last 60 minutes since it is part of a combination including the pre and post session discussion. The complete meeting will be recorded via zoom and shared by the end of the day. 

Post the AAHH Reiki session: Clients are always encouraged to email after a few days or weeks, if they feel comfortable sharing any insights, concerns or questions that might come up post session. We are always happy to help with these via email. If one feels a detailed discussion is needed, you may book an Akashic reading.

It is time we as a collective remember and recall the beauties of natural holistic healings available on Earth and divine benevolent Galactic Soul families awaiting our call for their aid, when needed. All healings are self healing, the healers are a channel to the Source chi energy that flows as they sacredly hold space for their brethren to heal and awaken to their true organic blueprint and expansion. Always respecting all Universal laws lovingly and firmly. 

* Please note: Reviews before April 30, 2023 are from the previous modality *

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