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Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing is a unique modality which brings together a combination of sacred alchemy symbols and the Divine Archangels. During this property cleansing routine Meenakshi would remotely connect with the energy of the property and energetically cleanse every room, backyards, fronts yards, garages, driveways etc. 

Using her gifts of telepathy and Clairs the property would be cleansed of entities, implants, hooks, portals, dark or dense energies, residual energies of previous occupants and also of anything that transpired there that was not of the highest Love-Light. This brings in a beautiful wave of pure Source Chi onto the property and the inhabitants feel it instantly in all conducted so far. 

Post sessions Meenakshi loves to guide the home residents of ways to keep their home cleansed at all times, thus empowering them of self healing. 

What is required of the client?

(1) A hand drawn blue print of the property layout, all floors, driveways, yards, garage etc with cabinets, washrooms, doors and windows marked out.

(2) Sage and 2 small chime candles in gold, white, blue or purple for the day of the healing.

(3) All other details will be shared upon booking

This healing takes between 60 mins to 90 mins.

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When picking your date and time the calendar will adjust to your time zone. Please check the Booking details for important details before choosing a date.

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