The Akasha are a hall/library of records of all that has transpired for every single soul birthed within our Universe. Every life led, every action taken, every decision, every thought - thought is recorded and sacredly maintained within the Akashic Hall of Records. With the help of the gatekeeper of the records, the Archangels and the use of sacred alchemy the practitioner brings forth powerful messages for your highest good.


60 mins

~ Online Recorded Session 

~ Adults USD $ 111

~ Children (Under 14 years) USD $96.00

If you are not ready for an AURA session yet but curious about your soul, lives led, lessons learnt, timelines for your highest good, soul’s origin - which galactic or stars or planet are you from? What’s the purpose of your life? What’s the reason for your illnesses, fears, habits, relationship dynamics? Any question that your Higher Self, Galactic soul family and spirit guides are ready to share will be channeled. Sacred symbols shared by them for you will be downloaded (if any), animal totem, mythical  creatures around you guiding you will be brought to your attention. Each session will be unique as are souls within the Universe. 

This is an online one on one meeting. You can bring your questions about the Akashic records on the day of the session. This is an interactive one hour discussion and the meeting will be recorded. 

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Quantum Galactic Akashic Records Reading

When picking your date and time the calendar will adjust to your time zone. Please check the Booking details for important details before choosing a date.

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